Our next planned litter will be in April of 2023.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list please contact us.
Please note: To be added to the waiting list requires an approved application, a deposit, and a signed contract. 



Our Puppies are raised with

Puppy Culture.

We are breeders of genuine, 100% Malagasy Cotons de Tulear.


 The Malagasy Coton de Tulear breed was first introduced to the United States by Dr. Jay Russell, a biologist.  He "discovered" the breed while studying lemurs in Madagascar.  Dr. Russell brought the first Coton de Tulear to America in 1972 and began a breeding program and the Coton Club of America (CTCA) in 1976.  The mCTCA has the largest, original registry of Cotons bred in the United States. The mCTCA is the oldest and longest operating Coton Club in the world.  The lowercase "m" was later added to the name of the Coton de Tulear Club of America to distinguish it from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (also using the acronym CTCA).

The first Kennel established in the mCTCA was Oakshade Kennels which Dr. Russell's father owned.  Our registry goes back as far as these first kennels.

The mCTCA is still in business today (Jun 2021) and currently being established as a not for profit. Through these changes we, the mCTCA Code of Ethics Breeders, have elected a Board of Directors and established by-laws for the Club.  

Our new officers are:

President Emeritus - Laurie Spalding, Alika Cotons

Chairperson - Lauren Word, Cotton Row Cotons

Vice Chairperson - Michele Crockett, Magicalands Ranch Cotons

Secretary - Christopher Hill

Treasurer - CC Spiliotis, Crabapple Crossing Cotons