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We fell in love with Cotons in the winter of 2015. This was the first time I had heard of this rare breed. I was looking for a small dog because we were living in the Washington, DC area at the time. I love big dogs and their attitudes and personalities but a "big dog" was not in the cards with so little space for them. I researched for months and came across a little dog with a big dog attitude, the Coton de Tulear. They are happy, outgoing, wonderful little dogs who don't have the issues that some small dogs do. They are generally inquisitive and not shy and or scared by things that some small dogs have fears of. This is what I wanted in a dog and exactly what I was looking for.  

Fast forward to today:

We now have Gidget, our first Coton, who is exactly as we had hoped. She is attentive and assertive and not bothered by much. She is representative of the "anti-depressant" qualities of this breed. Gidget is currently one of our breeding dams and we work closely with CC Spiliotis of Crabapple Crossing Cotons.

We are breeders of genuine Malagasy Coton de Tulears. We are Code of Ethics breeders with the mCTCA.  

For more information about the breed and the mCTCA please visit their website

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