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Two Weeks Old!!

The sweetest, most beautiful puppies are now TWO WEEKS old!! It is amazing to me how quickly puppies change and grow. Everyone's eyes have opened. They are now beginning to take their first tentative wobbly steps using their back legs now. They still eat and sleep and nothing else.

Cotons are an amazing breed. I love Cotons (perhaps) I am a bit biased but ... whatever. All of this litter were black and white beauties when they were born. However, now I only have two that I am sure will stay black and white (1 male; 1 female) and the other three-- two are for sure tri-colors and the other female is still undecided as to what she is going to be. Last week I was sure she was going to be a tri-color-- this week, it's anyone's guess. This is such an amazing time to watch just how quickly puppies grow and change. New pictures take at the two week old mark are posted on the website. More to come next week as they turn Three weeks old !!

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